Australian Web Hosting – What Should Businesses Look For

Business Web Hosting

You never dreamed your business would take off as it has in recent months. The free build-your-own site that you created is blowing up with hits. It’s time to take your business up a notch by looking for a company that will host your website.

But where does a person begin when looking for the best business web hosting company out there? You have hundreds if not thousands of options in Australia.

So, who do you trust with your most valued business asset? Keep reading to learn about the qualities that make for the best business web hosting company.

Business Web Hosting Must-Haves

With hundreds of hosting options, you need to begin by looking specifically at Australian web hosting companies. No one will better understand your needs as a local company. Then start weeding out the competition with the following criteria.


Affordable plans

Some companies are even offering limited-time free web hosting for businesses. 

Once the limited time has passed, though, you need to consider the cost of the web hosting service. What works best within your current budget? How much revenue will the new website bring in when you’re using a more robust hosting service?

A quality web-hosting service will cost you anywhere from $20 to $60 a month, depending on the services offered. Often companies will offer tiered programs, so if you’re not quite ready for the everything-in package, you can begin with a basic package.

Then, as your business grows and as you need more domains or bandwidth, you can pay for the higher-level package.

A good web hosting company will also offer financial perks for your loyalty. You should receive a discount for purchasing a longer-term plan. So even though a yearly plan may look like less than a three-year plan, the three-year plan costs less per year.

If you’ve ever used WordPress, you quickly understand that it’s one of the most intuitive website builders on the market. So look for a company that offers free WordPress web hosting. You’ll have intuitive website management and an affordable web hosting service.

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Local customer service

You can find a web-hosting service in just about any nation in the world. A local service, though, has your back. They want to serve the local market, and their customer service will rank among the best customer service because they understand the local culture.

So when you call in for help and use Aussie slang, a local technician will fully understand what you’re talking about.

Great web hosting companies value customer service. They realize that while a chatbot could save them money, it will also lose customers. So look for a service where you call in and talk to a local technician and not an anonymous call centre or chatbot.


Fast hosting

Experts say that when your website loads in 0.1 seconds, or almost instantaneously, the users receive the impression that their action caused the result. It is the phenomenon of direct manipulation, something you need to engage your user.

So the faster your website loads, the more likely a user will stay on it.

Look for a company that promises stealth page load speed. A quality company will also offer tips and tricks for you to have a faster-loading site if the problem is within the site itself.

Your speed largely depends on the size and location of the server. So choose a company that has a server close to you. Location matters.


Full featured plans

A good web hosting company offers more than a place for your website to rest. They will give you the necessary tools to succeed as a business with an online platform. Here are a few of the common perks:

  • Email services: a good web hosting company will offer email hosting like POP and IMAP business email services with the web hosting package. They should have powerful email filtering included as well so you do not end up with a bunch of junk or malware in your inbox.
  • Latest and greatest services: Microsoft 365 email services is a good example of some of the latest and greatest services a company will offer. MS 365 is a great email service because you’re working from a cloud, and you can work from anywhere in the world. Plus, a good web hosting company will allow you to use email marketing to your advantage so you can get reach potential customers even more quickly.
  • Current software: You want a company on the cutting edge that offers the latest software like the newest PHP versions as well as programs like Cloudflare and RailGun.
  • Safeguards: You need to have some assurance that you will not lose your work. Companies that offer Click Restore should top your list of web host providers to check out. Click Store offers self-restoration access, so you can restore what you thought you had lost.


Trustworthy provider

When you shop for a web hosting company, you almost feel like you’re looking for a date. Which one best fits your website’s personality, culture, and general vibe? Who will serve your clients and you best?

A quality business web hosting has your best interests in mind. In this time of pandemic crisis, in particular, a web hosting company that offers a helping hand is the one you want.


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