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Infrastructure needs vary from client to client. We get that. Boost IT offers tailored network design and ethernet services to meet your needs now and in the future.

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Connectivity, Efficiency and Security

Network design refers to the connectivity of a group of computer systems to help create better telecommunication using the internet. The systems are interconnected, forming a continuous communication path between users, services, apps, processes, software, data, and other networks.

Boost IT can design and implement new office networks, audit older computer networks to identify weaknesses and suggest upgrades or improvements within your budget. We can also support and manage existing networks for your small to medium business. Our expertise focuses on implementing network solutions around connectivity, efficiency and security.

If you need a better data communication network at a reasonable cost, we can help you. Boost IT specialises in 3 types of networks:

  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)

We will design a plan, supply the network/ethernet components, install the necessary access points and software, and ensure your system runs at high speed for optimum productivity and reliability.

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The right network design gives you a tremendous competitive advantage. But because every business is different you need to make sure the system you are getting is working for you and helping your business work better and grow faster. 

Network design gives users accessibility across multiple channels to all your company data, applications and allows greater communication for efficient collaboration. It should speed up your productivity by streamlining all your internal processes.

It gives your business scalability, that is, the ability to grow seamlessly and not hit the regular bumps any small business faces when they start acquiring more employees and buyers. 

It is mission-critical to get an IT service provider that understands your business and can strategically recommend the right network for you at present and in the future too.

You also want to make sure your network is scaled to your budget. Many cost-saving solutions can be built into your system. 

A good network also improves your business’ security. Not only do you get more firewalls and controlled traffic, but it also decreases the attack surface of your company and the entry points for cyber threats. With a managed network, the detection of breach attempts is rapid. The deployment of a response can be almost immediate for significant mitigation of cyberattacks.  

Your processes, employee interaction, teamwork, environment, services and product delivery are all different from other businesses. It means you need a different way to make those components work together in a network for the perfect accessibility, speed, scalability and security fit.

Depending on your current network and needs, we can provide you with Hardware installation, Software setup/configuration and help you obtain the necessary services. 

  • Equipment covers cabling (including Ethernet cables), routers, LAN cards, desktops and laptops computers, servers, switchboards and more.
  • Software includes operating systems, network cybersecurity applications, virtual servers, firewalls, network management, and more.

Services can range from Wireless solutions, internet connections, IP addressing, DSL and licensing.

Network security is paramount as it is at the functioning heart of your business. Should your network be compromised, your productivity would drop down, communication channels would be cut off, and essential data could be breached. We are here to make sure this does not happen. 

And in fact, a network allows your business to be much more secure than without one. It decreases the attack surface of your business, controls the user traffic and has inbuilt threat detection systems with alarms for better flagging and response time to potential breaches. 

With a modern network infrastructure design, you are less likely to fall victim to data theft and spyware. It is designed purposely for easier data sharing between employees in a secure environment. 

Boost IT uses several methods to ensure your business’ safety:

  • Identity management policies and hierarchy design
  • Device compliance
  • Device configuration
  • Firewalls
  • Port security

Case Study

Network Design for Bituminous Products

Boost IT designed a new network that met current and projected future requirements for Bituminous Products (BP).

BP approached Boost IT after getting frustrated with other network service providers. They were quoting over-the-top prices for designing and implementing a new network.

We created a Project Plan providing a clear timeline, infrastructure needs in terms of hardware and software and projected dependencies.

We also provided all the technical services required, including:

  • The installation of new WAN links to BP offices across Australia
  • The setup of a Microsoft Exchange cloud-based solution to drive down admin overhead and help service the fleet of IP phone users
  • Supply and installation of all required hardware and software for the local area network including routers, switches, PCs, laptops and software licenses
  • VMware to drive down server hardware costs and set up two Virtual Servers on one hardware platform.

BP could enjoy the exact network it desired, facilitating its business efficiency with the right communication strategy, all integrated with long-run cost-saving IT solutions.

Project Feedback

Boost IT now provides Bituminous Products with ongoing remote and onsite support for all their offices around Australia

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