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Cloud Computing

Keep your files safe and work anywhere in the world. Our friendly business IT support team can help you understand, set up and manage cloud computing for your small business.

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The difference is partnership and affordability

access anywhere

Your files, information, and history can be accessed from almost any device that is connected to the Internet.


Multiple people can access your files and work together to make changes, regardless of the geographical differences.


You have the option of keeping your files personal or sharing the files with others.


With high uptime and constant backups cloud services are more reliable than traditional infrastructure.

What is cloud computing?

You’ve probably heard of “the cloud”. It refers to the software and services that run through the Internet instead of directly through your computer (eg. OneDrive, Dropbox). Cloud computing is the delivery of different computing services and resources through the Internet.

The purpose is to offer more accessible and flexible services and resources and for the delivery of those to be fast, global and economical. 

It includes services such as  databases, storage, networks, software, servers, analytics and data intelligence. Because you only pay for what you need and it negates the need to have your own data-centers, server and monitoring IT experts at hand, it comes as a cost-effective solution for many businesses. 

Save and store documents and data online, making sure they’re always safe and secure. It’s important to pick the platform which is right for you and to upload your files efficiently and safely.


What are the advantages of cloud computing?


Because you have all your data, apps/software and general infrastructure in one place, it more easily protected. Most cloud providers offer strong cyber security solutions. Microsoft 365 is particularly thorough.


With a range of tools, all optimised to work together and updated in real time across your business, your team can collaborate more efficiently. With all business data just a few mouse clicks away, they can start, plan and finish work faster.


The advantage of the cloud is the constant backups across multiple networks, as many as desired, so in the event of a cyber breach your data is easy to recover. The fact the servers are externalised also makes the event of a downtime extremely unlikely.

Global availability

Remote working is the new norm. Between working home, business traveling, flexible office systems, it is reassuring to be able to access your work platform from anywhere, securely and with any device. The cloud makes this possible effortlesly.


Find out what Cloud Services your business needs

We can help audit your current requirements and recommend a combination of cloud based services to meet your business’ needs. This might cover cloud applications, data storage and more.

How secure is cloud computing?

Boost IT recommends the use the Microsoft 356 cloud computing service because it protects businesses very effectively. It can easily be used to implement the Essential 8 mitigation strategy recommended by the government. 

Their cloud security comprises many features including:

  • Restrict copying and saving of business information.
  • Prevent unauthorised users from opening or viewing sensitive documents.
  • Prevent non-compliant devices from accessing your systems
  • Encrypt data on mobile devices.
  • Quarantine compromised devices.
  • Keep credentials safe.
  • Confirm identities with multi-factor authentication
  • Wipe data on lost or stolen devices.
  • Back up email in secure archive.
  • Block sharing of sensitive information like credit card numbers.

Is Microsoft 365 Business the solution for you?

Microsoft Azure is a cost effective, comprehensive solution that is easy to use. Increase productivity and protect your business against cyber threats and information loss with this cloud platform for increased computing power and effective operating systems.

View our Microsoft 365 Business Guide

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Boost your business capability with secured access anywhere, anytime.

Don’t be tied to one place. Our secure cloud solutions can keep you connected wherever you are.


Boost your business capability with secured access anywhere, anytime.

Don’t be tied to one place. Our secure cloud solutions can keep you connected wherever you are.

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