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Remote Work Solutions

We provide Remote Work Solutions tailored to fit your environment.

Make remote work efficient, easy and productive


Remote work solutions include cloud based collaboration and communication answers.

Make remote work easy and productive with our help.

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we can help in setting up, installing, customising and monitoring your Microsoft 365 business platform.

Collaboration Technologies


Boost IT can provide and install collaboration technologies such as SharePoint or OneDrive and Teams for internal communication. Each business will have different needs and therefore tailored recommendations. For example, while SharePoint and OneDrive are both cloud based file storage options, SharePoint allows a more customised approach for businesses with finer specificities.

Workstations can be accessed remotely using a remote connection to a PC with low latency (this process is called RDP). Or you entire business can be shifted to a cloud solution, allowing you to work with flexibility with different devices and in different locations.

Keep your team’s morale up by chatting! Collaboration tools are essential when working remotely. Chat tools like Microsoft Teams can help you stay organised and work with your team easily and efficiently with everything you need from texting to video conference options. It’s the closest you can get to direct communication when working remotely. We ourselves use Teams daily to keep up to date from Sydney to Brisbane.

Boost IT can assist with setting up the above solutions and training your staff for optimum use of the new tools. We further assist in ensuring a high speed internet connection available for remote work, if you so need.

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Keep up productivity with Remote Work solutions.

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Keep up productivity with Remote Work solutions

Work from anywhere in the world. Ask our friendly staff about remote solutions.

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