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Cyber Security

We use best practice to help customers secure their data both locally and in the cloud, protecting small businesses from cyber security incidents.

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Masters in Cybersecurity

When cyber security is breached, the impact on small businesses can be tragic. Your business might not have the time to set up in-depth security measures, but we can help. We know what to prioritise. We can make sure your sensitive information is safe from phishing attacks, malicious software and various other cyber attacks. 

Don’t wait until you have been breached to call for a specialist. Prevention is key. Be Prepared.

Boost IT partners with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) through the Joint Cyber Security Centre (JCSC) program.

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How can Boost IT help you?

With our 18 years in small business IT, we have encountered many different needs and always dedicated ourselves to finding the best solution for you. We have the experience to understand your business, audit your security level and needs, recommend a solution and implement it. 

We care about our partners and want you to succeed. Making sure you are safe to do what you are good at is extremely important to us.

Whatever the size of your business, you need a cybersecurity strategy, and you need to know your weak points. We offer cost-effective solutions for small structures and are large enough to accompany your business growth. We can implement more sophisticated security measures as your budget and company evolves.

Cyber security small business core IT elements

Our process

Boost IT concentrates on four core elements to implement the mitigation strategy recommended by the Australian Government. In each case, we set up tools and configure your system to protect you against cyber threats.

  1. Device Configuration – This is the preliminary step. We configure all desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Authenticator.
  2. Device Compliancy – It is put in place to ensure no unwanted users can enter the cloud space of your business. Software is put in place to check if a device meets a set of predefined criteria before they gain access. 
  3. Mail Flow Rules – Those check inbound and outbound messaging for the most significant security threats. They eliminate phishing emails and detect any unusual activity which might indicate a previous breach directing emails to an exterior account. 
  4. Identity Management Policies – Those policies secure employee accounts with multi-factor authentication across all devices and apply essential Office 365 applications and protocols.
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Why should small businesses care about web security?

Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility.

Australian law dictates businesses have to report theft, loss or mismanagement of private data via cyber incidents. Companies are held accountable. They have to inform both the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and any individuals that the breach may harm. Small Businesses’ reputation and financial safety are on the line.

What companies require cybersecurity?

Every company should have a cyber security strategy because every company is at risk.

2020/2021 Annual Cyber Report Key Statistics

The Australian Minister for Defence, Linda Reynolds, declared on June 19, 2020, that:

All organisations in Australia should:

  1. Add multi-factor authentication to all cloud-based online platforms.
  2. Update all servers to the latest security patches.
  3. Tune into threat advice/news by the Australian Cyber Security Centre.
What are the security risks for small businesses?

The risks are the same for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. Though, small businesses are mainly targeted by cyber threats because they have little protection.

The most common cyber breaches take the form of:

  • Phishing emails
  • Hacked passwords
  • Identity theft
  • Malware
  • Ransomware

All those breaches threaten the integrity of your small company’s personal and sensitive data, your financial health, your reputation.

Boost IT can help you prevent or reduce the impact of cybersecurity attacks. We make sure that your software, computer system, computer network, personal information, and sensitive data remain safe.

The right question to ask is: “How to protect my business from cyber-attacks?” We provide advice on essential in-house security solutions for a small business here. But those are just the first step for a sound security system.

How to secure your small business?

The Australian government advises businesses to follow their Essential 8 Mitigation strategy. 

Essential 8 cyber security mitigation strategies

Covering those eight areas will ensure your business is safe from almost all exterior attacks.

If you want to know more in-depth about the Essential 8, you can read our article here. It lists the applications necessary for the prevention of malicious software and phishing. It tells how to limit the extent and reach of breaches. And it explains the recovery process of your data and system. 

What is the Boost IT process?

First, Boost IT will evaluate where you are at on your cybersecurity effort and ask How can your company improve its cyber-security?

The audit will judge your ranking on the Australian Government’s Essential 8 factors scale and determine your business’s maturity level.

The next stage is to determine where you want to go and draft out the measures to take. 

We start with the essential protection, explaining the risks we are preventing. We help you plan internal efforts of employee education and guide you to reach your goal. 

Boost IT employs best practice and follows the government guidelines. We are expert cyber security professionals and have the certification and experience to lead you to a strategy fully aligned with the ACSC. 

What is the best security system for business purposes?

Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365. Those are what we advise and what we use for our own business. We are Silver Microsoft partners and can recommend the right package for you, correctly set it up and manage your plan. 

We understand that all small businesses have different needs, technology usage and budgets. We can assure you that there is a fitting service for you, and we are delighted to find the solution to your cybersecurity issues.

What technology is used in cyber security in more depth?

  1. Azure AD –  is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service. It allows employees to access internal and external resources such as Microsoft 365 and other apps on your corporate network. The team at Boost IT is here to help better secure your business and staff online. We can help you set up and manage your Azure Active Directory.
  2. Microsoft 365 – is a bundled solution of existing products under one licence. It includes apps and cloud services (previously named Office 365). As a bonus, it offers pervasive and comprehensive security features. If properly managed, it is a highly efficient way to protect your business data, employee data, and customer information. Businesses save money from purchasing a bundled package, reduce the burden on IT and increase employee productivity.

Discover what makes Boost IT different

"As a small business owner that has just turned 4 years old, we have struggled through day-to-day management of our IT and software systems for my team and business.

We approached several IT providers that wanted large retainers to assist management of our IT systems. We tried IT support providers that did one off jobs that could take days to assist us with our IT problems.

Then we met Boost IT, on a referral from another business that recommended them. Our company BOUW went through the DISP accreditation process and the Essential 8 with Boost IT. The entire process ran like a professional project with weekly project meetings so we were fully aware of their progress.

They are now servicing us with ongoing IT support with rapid call back times within 15 min and assist me and the team with all our IT issues as they arise, no fuss.

Their package support fee structure is cost effective we only get charged for time we use. For any business I cannot recommend highly enough the team from Boost IT, they are like my IT department on call whenever we need them."

Ben Seesink - Managing Director, BOUW

Boost your business protection with the cyber security experts. 

Talk to us about how to significantly avoid or reduce the impact of the most common cyber security incidents.​


Boost your business protection with the cyber security experts. 

Talk to us about how to significantly avoid or reduce the impact of the most common cyber security incidents.​

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