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About Boost IT

Boost IT is a managed service provider that is changing how IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) is delivered. Give your business an edge with smarter technology.


Why Choose Boost IT?

We believe that every business should have proactive allies that keep promises, help them grow and provide strategic value.

For over 18 years, the team at Boost IT have been offering exceptional service to hundreds of Australian small businesses. And some multinationals too.

Centralise and streamline IT and Website Support

No need for multiple third party providers for your different technology needs. With Boost IT, you get computer support, maintenance, repair, security, website support, and more.

Enhance your business capability with a virtual IT Department

Our IT service delivery adapts to your daily situation and the model that best fits your business.

We understand the importance of reliable IT and website support, no matter the size of your business. If your technology fails you this means a significant loss in productivity. This is why we aim to be the local IT department at your fingertips.

Our small local team means you will see the same friendly faces. We can really get to know each other and you don’t have to explain your business and specificities every single time, we remember!

Reduce your Managed IT and Website Support costs with affordable, transparent pricing

With Boost IT, experience five-star rated support at transparent and affordable prices.

Because not all businesses are the same, we offer a range of services and plans. Choose from ad hoc IT support to budget-conscious Prepaid Plans.

With a single payment made every 3 months (5 Hour Plan) or 4 months (10 Hour Plan), Prepaid Plans allow you to set-and-forget your managed IT service costs.

Get exceptional service with 99% of service requests responded to within 15 minutes

Our friendly technicians are based in Australia. We are a family owned Australian business, and know the value of exceptional service.

Our team of local IT specialists have been providing fast and efficient service in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney since 2004.

While we are a small business, our customer service focus allows us to deal with a crisis in a heartbeat, 99% of service requests are responded to within 15 minutes. Being local, we can even come on-site when you need us.

Boost IT offers super-efficient and reliable IT support. Our computer technicians arrive on time and promptly restore your IT network with minimum disruption to your office so you can concentrate on what is important for your business.

Experience no lock in contracts, call out or travel fees

Freedom! Cancel any time. We prefer you stay with Boost IT because you want to, not because we’ve handcuffed you with a contract. If you choose to move on, there are zero hidden costs or nasty surprises like exit fees.

Plan your IT expenses. Our flexible pricing model means you choose the option that works best for your business. 

For our Website and IT Support pricing, click here.

Who are the minds behind Boost IT?

Sha and Rich at the expo

Sha Nayagar is the website expert

“I always think about people interacting with our team, and how to improve what we deliver to their business and just as people connecting. It’s a large part of why we choose to hire Australian based staff. We want to bring a tailored but efficient approach to small businesses to really help them get more out of having one provider for both IT Services and Website Services.”

Richard Cowley is the IT specialist

“We believe that by delivering IT Services & Support with end-to-end service, integrity and transparency, clients will choose to stay with us. We have never had the need to lock in clients with contracts.”

Sha and Richard started Boost IT armed with ambition, curiosity, and a passion for making effective business technology accessible. They built the foundation of Boost IT on integrity, continuous education, and building long-lasting connections with people.

Found out how they met, when they realised that tech was their path to something bigger, and what they have planned for the future of Boost IT.


How did you meet?

Sha: I had returned to Sydney after living in London. He was the first person I was introduced to by my boss. Rich surprised me with his ability to boil down a 20-page manual into 8 bullet points. I tend to deep dive into everything. He was strictly goal-oriented and a man of his word. So that’s how we connected.

Why are you so fascinated by computers?

Richard: My computer journey started at age 9. I used to do basic programming on the old Commodore 64 computer at my home. Then I started playing around with DOS when IBM computers became mainstream in the mid to late ’80s. My fascination has continued ever since as computer technology changes daily. 

How did you realise that business tech was for you?

Sha: I was one of those geeks in the computer lab at lunch. It was always going to be my first choice heading into uni. I don’t know if it was websites that interested me most initially, but I always loved beautiful, practical solutions. Web development offers both: code and design. When Rich and I started interacting with business owners, we always talked about making tech more accessible and create long term partnerships by adding real value. It’s not just support, but also constant communication, being proactive, getting to know their trajectory and tailor our service—all that.

What inspires you?

Sha: So many things! A person can inspire me by the way they talk about their story or their journey. I’m very much interested in story telling using art and design. Internet technology is the fastest-changing field in human history and provides continual inspiration. I admire women like Gillian Triggs, AOC and Stacey Abrams, who stand up and stand out. Many social programs and movements are teaching how we can contribute to a better society. Great products and customer service journeys inspire us. Our staff, partners and clients inspire us everyday. Learning lessons from human history and being out in nature is inspiring. My list goes on and on.

Richard: Seeing the younger generation coming up with new technology ideas is inspiring. Especially when they aim to make the world a better place, their enthusiasm is infectious. 

What are the most important lessons that you’ve learned so far?

Sha: One is that focusing on the big picture is extremely important. That is something I need to relearn over and over again. It’s also crucial to surround yourself with the right people.

Richard: We are all individuals; everyone needs room to grow and become the person they dream of being.

What are your plans for the future of Boost IT?

Sha: The ultimate desire is to build Boost IT into a company that matters. Most companies you see in the world, if they disappear, it does not matter. Someone else is making that same thing you need. We are continuously asking ourselves this question: How can we build a company that matters? It’s not just being able to provide great service, but how we can do it repeatedly and how can we do it better and better.

I always think about clients interacting with our team, and how to improve what we deliver to their business and just as humans connecting. It’s why we choose to hire Australian based staff. We want to bring a tailored but efficient approach to small businesses to really help them get more out of having one provider for both IT and Website Services.

We nurture staff to build their capabilities and, as a whole, we want to move ahead with our core focus on building relationships that matter to clients, staff, suppliers and the wider community. 

Richard: It’s pretty simple, really. I want to take the complication out of technology for customers. Sometimes technology companies can overcomplicate things when customers just want technology to produce an outcome that makes their lives easier and improves their business efficiency.

Our Mission


a smooth-running IT environment for our customers to reduce risk and costs from disruptions through system failures.


technology and help our customers identify ways to boost their business capabilities and productivity.


IT issues fast, with care and generosity, so our customers get help when they need it.

Our Core Values

Care & Generosity

We make promises we keep to each other. We learn what we don’t know, and we do things with care and generosity.

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We proactive seek opportunities to make things better and to reduce complexity from our work and our customer’s environments.

We seek ways to better communicate in order to simplify the message and maximise engagement.

Continuous Learning

We eagerly share our mistakes and expose the speed bumps. We speak up when we don’t understand and when something can be better.

Eco responsibility sustainability

Eco Responsible

We chose HUB Australia as our business home because it is 100% carbon neutral certified. We are proud to leave no carbon footprint for the future generations.

We go cloud all the way and try to avoid paper documentation as much as possible. Whenever we can, we always prioritise the environment.

Give back to the community sustainability

Give back to the community

Every year, we choose a worthy cause to endorse. In fact, we love choosing a caritative organisation to help, it is the highlight of the year!

Empowerment, philanthropy, human relief and helping to create a better society are values we have supported previously and believe in strongly.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

We cannot imagine a company that would not welcome all the diversity in the world with open arms.

Inclusion in all it’s breadth and form is at the very heart of Boost IT. We are parents who understand the need of flexible work hours, we are from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and are open minded and welcoming to all.

Giving Back


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