Post Pay

Our “post pay” option is flexible and allows you to pay as you go. You are invoiced after you receive our service. Time is charged in hourly blocks. The minimum charge is $120 incl. GST.


“Pre-pay” plans involve purchasing a bunch of hours upfront to get a lower hourly rate. Time is charged in 15 minute increments. Pay only for what you use rather than hourly blocks with services starting at $25.60.

Plans built to suit all business sizes

per hour
Suitable for businesses with 1 – 5 staff
No call out or travel fees
On-site support $120 per hour
Charged in hourly blocks?
per 15 minutes
Suitable for businesses with 10 – 20 staff
No call out or travel fees
On-site support minimum 1 hour ($104.80 per hour)
Virtual IT dept
Priority & after hours support
Get 20 prepaid hours + 1 FREE bonus hour?
per 15 minutes
Suitable for businesses with 20+ staff
No call out or travel fees
On-site support minimum 1 hour ($102.35 per hour)
Virtual IT dept
Priority & after hours support
Get 40 prepaid hours + 3 FREE bonus hours?

Say goodbye to “call IT”.

The best way to discover how our range of services can boost your business is to chat with one of our technicians.

Fast-forward to the IT Boosters

Frequently asked questions

This looks like great value, but what about your service?

Expect phone calls with us to be like a puppy jumping into a hug. We’re based in Australia.

Love talking to overseas call centre staff and spelling your name multiple times? Or getting passed from one department to another, because your question doesn’t have a scripted answer? We’re rubbing our temples in gloom just thinking of it. We answer your calls from within the land down under. 70 kilos of furry friend coming right at you! Minus the fur. Plus a kilo or two. No more frustrating call centre experiences if you have questions or your website goes down – absolute gold!

We handpick our techies for their friendliness & ability to translate techno-babble into language you easily understand. Plus, we’re seriously phen-omen-al at solving IT issues. We invite you to put us to the test.

Do prices include GST?

Yes. All prices are quoted in Australian dollars and include GST.

Do you charge travel, call out or any other fees?

No. We have been in business for over 15 years, and never have.

What services do you provide?

Our full range of business IT services and website services allow you and your team to get on with business.

Who are your clients?

Although we have large clients like FedEx, most of our clients are small businesses in Sydney and Brisbane. We provide remote support so we do have clients in other Australian states, as well as in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read our customer reviews.

Our resources are limited. Can you help us?

Usually, yes. We will undertake a complete assessment of your IT infrastructure and after careful consideration recommend solutions to match your budget and goals.

Do you have the expertise to deliver the right advice and solutions?

It depends on the circumstances, and what your business needs. At times we will work closely with our trusted partners to bring our customers the right expertise. IT and Digital Marketing are both large, complex fields and we don’t try to do everything ourselves because our team simply cannot be experts at everything. We have a range of partners and freelancers who we select carefully to fill in the gaps. They are usually people we’ve worked with for years who have gained our trust.

What’s the difference between the post pay and pre-pay packages?

The “post pay” package is flexible and allows you to pay as you go. You are invoiced after you receive our service. Time is charged in hourly blocks and minimum charge is $120.

“Pre-pay” packages involve purchasing a bunch of hours upfront to gain a reduced hourly rate. The huge benefit of pre-paying is our services will be charged in 15 minute increments. Your IT issue can be solved for as little as $25.60. These packages allow you the flexibility to use the hours as you please without doing the paperwork and the hassle of paying multiple bills.

To “learn extra”, watch this 90 second video.

Give me an example of how pre-pay will save me money

You hit “Reply All” and accidentally send a sensitive email to all staff. With your heart up in your tonsils, you ring us and ask whether it can be undone.

We know who you are. Your phone number is probably stored on our mobile. You don’t have to spell your street name, or tell us which primary school you attended to prove your ID. We speed talk you through recalling the email. You can breathe again. It’s a 6 minute IT support phone call. Instead of paying $120 (post pay minimum), you pay $27.50 if you have a Boost IT Pre-Pay 10 Plan. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Although we hate to see our friends leave, you can easily move to another provider at any time. We don’t lock you in with contracts or nasty, “Surprise, here’s our exit fees.”

How do I plan my IT strategy moving forward?

Our technical specialists will assess what you have, how it’s being used, what your goals and your needs are. After consideration and sometimes further consultation, they will recommend a strategy based on your budget. It’s like having your very own IT Manager. Be gentle with it.

Are you going to do what you say you’re going to do?

Yes. We are a reliable team who want you to not just stay with us for the years ahead. But be a “hold my hand, and I’ll follow you till the end of the world” avid fan.

Rarely, there have been occasions when extenuating circumstances outside our control caused a missed deadline. If this happens, we will over-communicate any delays as soon as we know, and continue doing so regularly until the job is 100% complete.

Will you give us what we need rather than recommending one-size-fits-all solutions?

We know it is key that we understand the nature of your business. Plus what is practical, versus, the “flavour of the month” products. We will enable your business to facilitate services in a professional environment and also ensure your staff have the tools to do their jobs.