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IT Staff for IT Departments

Are your IT staff on leave? Do you need an extra pair of hands for patching and managing networks? When things are hectic, get experienced technicians onsite in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.


Local IT Provider

Boost IT is a local provider in Sydney and Brisbane. We provide hands-on support or local-hours remote support when needed.

Our staff provides local business-hours support for issues that need hands-on help for computer installations or network equipment troubleshooting that you can’t dedicate an internal resource to handle.

Ad-hoc IT Staff

Boost IT currently works with a range of SMB’s, national and multinational businesses to supply ad-hoc IT staff for on-the-ground local IT support and projects. We provide a varied range of information technology support to cover all possible needs.

We can solve your IT staffing problems with ad hoc per-hour support on an as-dispatched basis. 

Whether you need an IT Support professional for one day, one week, one month, on a regular or ad-hoc basis, we can help. Depending on your requirements, we have an affordable flat day rate that allows IT Managers to budget easily when extra resources are required.

When we assign a professional technician to help your business, they become an extension of your own IT Department under your project management. 

Whether you need a database administrator, hardware and software technical support or someone to run your operating system, we are here for you.

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No Lock in Contracts

Choose a block-hours retainer or a per-hour service rate that includes a response-level/availability agreement. Support requests will all go through our team, and our team will ensure service requests get resolved.


Why choose Boost IT as your partner


Boost IT has technicians versed in many areas of IT. When you want your staff to concentrate on business objectives, they might not have time to run day to day computer operations. Let us be your system administrators, solve your technological issues or create and maintain your company website and cloud. We are adaptable and answer to your needs.


You do not have to worry about training, expensive certifications or keeping us up to date. We are experts in our field and care about always being at the peak of current technological advances. We have solved countless IT issues, and there is little we haven’t seen before and fixed. We will look after your computer and network system with care whenever you need us.


While we will work with your business’ setup, using a specialised IT service provider gives you access to the latest and greatest technology without having to buy it yourself. We use the best cloud backup, network security, remote monitoring and managing. We also have insights into multiple tech options to fit many business types and industries for objective recommendations.

The four common scenarios Boost IT can assist with are:

The One Person IT Department

This is where you have only one person internally to look after your company’s day to day IT. Boost IT works with you to learn the systems and then help fill the gap when you go on leave or if you need extra IT support staff member from time to time.

Staff Coverage - The Multi-Person IT Department

If you have staff on sick or extended leave and need temporary IT staff, we can provide you with an IT Professional to assist until your staff member returns to work.

Under Resourced - The Multi-Person IT Department

Is your Support queue out of control? Are your IT team struggling to get on top due to a recent increase in Support calls? You might need our IT staffing assistance. We can provide an IT support professional to complement your current team one to three times a week and get your support queue back under control.

Project Resource - The Multi-Person IT Department

Your IT staff might be swamped with the regular day to day services, so what happens if you line up a big job with an urgent deadline? Boost IT can help supply IT staff who can assist with the roll-out, or we can back-fill one of your staff’s IT support functions, so they are free to focus on the project at hand.

If you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth get temporary onsite IT staff fast!

The above are real scenarios based on what Boost IT are currently or previously assisted clients with. If any of the above case studies sound like you, please contact us. Someone from the Boost IT Team will call you to help.

Talk to us about our daily rates for temporary onsite IT staff.

Find out why we have decades-long relationships with many of our clients.  Boost your business with an extra pair of helping hands that won't let you down.


Talk to us about our daily rates for temporary onsite IT staff.

Find out why we have decades-long relationships with many of our clients.  Boost your business with an extra pair of helping hands that won't let you down.

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