Troubleshooting WiFi issues

Boost IT can assist in troubleshooting WiFi issues. We speed tests, ensure network security, and ensure all devices are connected and communicating together. It includes connecting devices such as printers and computers.


Installation of new systems

Boost IT can assist with the installation of new WiFi access points and mesh systems. WiFi access points allow additional coverage and a mesh WiFi system covers an entire business with WiFi so that it can be accessed anywhere in the building. The process includes:

  • Auditing your current WiFi solution
  • Creating a floor plan of where to install additional access points. This includes range, suitable locations, and any potential blocks or challenges the building might present.
  • The installation of the system
  • Subsequent testing


High speed coverage

Boost IT can assist with WiFi speed and coverage. We identify areas where it can be improved and use the latest technologies for greater WiFi performance.

WiFi connectivity for business
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