We want your website to drive leads to you.

Want to make your website load faster? To help small businesses during COVID-19, we are offering high performance, free website hosting for 12 months.

Affordable Website Services

Boost IT provides a range of affordable website services for small to large businesses. If you’re looking to optimise your website and enhance your marketing efforts, Boost IT can help. 

We offer assistance in the following categories:

small business website design

Website Management

Website Design

Need a new website?

We can design your website to be visually appealing while also attracting and keeping new leads.

Website Refresh

Are you looking to re-brand your website or are you just wanting to mix things up a little bit?

Are you wanting a simple template change or looking for a larger refresh?

No matter what you need, we can help you make your website modern and charming, and tailored to your audience.

Fast Australian Web Hosting

To help small businesses during COVID-19, we are offering free website hosting for 12 months.

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What We Offer

We offer fast, business-grade shared hosting plans if you’re starting out. If you’re running a resource intensive website or e-commerce site, we offer Stealth plans. All our plans include Cloudflare CDN and Railgun free.

  • Our website hosting servers are based in Sydney.
  • Receive local support – speak to technicians based in Australia who will be able to quickly assist you 


Every Second Counts

If you want your web pages to load fast, you need a good website hosting service. Not a low-cost one. Every second counts when it comes to customer service online. 

  • Choose a local, quality hosting service that is designed for performance.
  • Also consider support options. Having a local technicians usually pays dividends when you need to speak to someone. 

Hosting in data centers overseas might be cheaper than local providers, but it will affect your website speed.

When a visitor browses on your site and tries to load a page, they are running programs and accessing files from the web server (a remote computer). If that web server is fast enough, the web page that you are trying to access will also load quickly. The three main tasks that the remote computer has to finish are: execute code, run database queries and server files. Fast hosting matters!


Domain Registration

Need to check whether a domain name is available or get advice on choosing the best one for your situation?

Our domain registration service allows you to sit back and let us do all the work.

2 year .com.au domain registration costs only $30.

2 year .net.au domain registration costs only $30.

1 year .com domain registration costs only $20.

Domain Hosting and Management

When you register a domain with us, managing it is simple.

We offer DNS Hosting, Web Forwarding (Redirection), ID Protection, and more.

Website Development

With over 15 experience in PHP, Javascript, HTML, we can tailor your website software to deliver what your visitors need.

affordable business website

Marketing Strategy


Increase the traffic to your website using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We offer multiple, effective SEO services:

  • keyword research
  • page speed performance improvements
  • content strategy planning
  • writing for the web (commonly called copywriting)

Doing SEO well will help you drive more organic traffic from Google to your website.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Achieve your marketing goals and gain a larger audience with our custom digital marketing strategies.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is an essential part of digital marketing today.

It’s so important to choose channels and content that suit your audience and can help your business grow.

We can help you to create a social media strategy to grow and engage your audience on the platforms which are most relevant to you and your small business.


High-quality content is essential.

It will make both types of your website visitors happy – people and search engines (like Google).

Enhance your brand recognition, improve organic traffic numbers and engage your audience by producing optimised content tailored to your audience. 

website packages for small business

Website Maintenance

Software Upgrades and Maintenance

Keep your website content secure by regularly upgrading software.

All content online, including content management systems like WordPress, are inherently vulnerable to attacks.

Similar to Microsoft software updates, regular website software maintenance and updates reduces this risk.

We can help to find the best software for your website while upgrading and maintaining it with minimal disruption to your small business.

Choose what best suits your budget and situation. We offer monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual update services.

Website Performance

Both people and search engines now expect your website pages to load fast.

If you want your page to have a shot at ranking well on Google search, your page needs to load in under three seconds.

Slow loading pages mean people leave or “bounce off” your page, which in turn affects your conversion rates, and the ranking Google assigns to each page.

Minimise that bounce rate and keep visitors engaged for longer.

We’ll test and optimise your website’s performance using a variety of tools and strategies. 

Website Security

Making sure that data is safe and secure is a top priority for all businesses no matter your size or client base.

We understand the importance of a secure website, and we want to help you keep all of your information safe from potential security threats.

Small Business Website Design

Do you need help upgrading and optimising your website? Do you need help to make your website load faster?

Are you looking for a high-quality and affordable website design with SEO, copywriting, and maintenance services?

Talk to a local

We have offices in Brisbane and Sydney so you can speak to a local. Say goodbye to frustrating international phone calls and hello to Australia-based service. 

Contact us for a free quote

custom web design

Custom Solutions

Every circumstance is different, and that’s why we offer custom solutions for your small business. Expect constructive feedback and an outline of marketing and website opportunities tailor-made for you.

Affordable Pricing

Once we have a good understanding of your website and goals, we offer an obligation-free quote which will arrive in your inbox on the same day. Choose only what you can afford—optional extras are listed so you can plan for future upgrades.

Website Training

Want to look after things yourself? Receive one on one training so you can learn all about editing content on your website.

Ready to identify your biggest website opportunities?

Book in a free consultation today.

Book in a free consultation today.

Book in a free consultation today.

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Emma Gerard's review - "We would highly recommend Boost IT for your website and business IT support. The team are always friendly, professional and happy to share their extensive knowledge and experience. Thanks guys!"
Emma Gerard's review - "We would highly recommend Boost IT for your website and business IT support. The team are always friendly, professional and happy to share their extensive knowledge and experience. Thanks guys!"

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