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Office Relocation IT Services

Your IT systems will be installed efficiently with minimal disruption to your business in Sydney or Brisbane.

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Office Relocation IT Services in Sydney & Brisbane

If you’re in Sydney or Brisbane and planning to move office, our team are just around the corner with the experience and expertise to help. If you’re unsure how we can help you, give us a call. We can find a way to assist with all of your IT-related business relocations and make your move a breeze.

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We have completed over 100 IT Service office moves and have a thorough planning process and detailed execution to ensure your business continuity with minimal disruption.

Are you having issues getting internet installed in a timely manner ?

Big internet providers can take 6 to 8 weeks to connect a new business office not previously registered with a unique location ID also known as LOC ID. At Boost IT, we can speed up the process for you and depending on the service can have you up and running from 2 to 3 weeks.

Boost IT deal with the business arm (not the retail arm) of internet service providers. We can assist with NBN, Business Fibre, Ethernet Services and Wireless Internet Services which can sometimes be the cheapest and quickest option to get your internet up and running.

Moving your IT systems is like pulling a jigsaw puzzle apart and putting it back together again. If something doesn’t fit quite right, the risk of disruptions to your business is high. 

View our top tips to consider when relocating IT services for a stress-free move.


How We Help You Move Seamlessly


Step 1 – Free Assessment

We provide a free IT audit and hardware assessment to help you understand what you have and what you need. This include, but is not limited to:

  • PC Desktops appropriate connections and relocation needs
  • Communications equipment such as telephone, internet, wifi rollouts and relocations needs
  • Server / communications rack installation, relocations and possible new fit-outs
  • Other hardware and infrastructure installation and relocation needs 
  • Data cabling / patch cabling installation needs
  • Recording and auditing of equipment with upgrades suggestions

Step 2 – Planning phase

We sort out all potential issues before you even think of them. Services are ordered, active, and provisioned at the site for a seamless transition on the moving day.

Depending on your move’s urgency and your business’s size, we try to have all your IT systems installed and working before you even move offices. Our aim is to have you functioning the quickest possible. 

We thoroughly plan the computer equipment relocation and installation stage to ensure minimal impacts on your business. This means a few precautions during the planning stage. Those include:

  • The ordering of necessary services, such as internet provider notices and switch over procedures.
  • A backup of the system. We want to guaranty a zero loss of essential data or any of your business’s critical information. For this, a full data backup on the cloud is a necessary step. Extra copies might be a safe extra measure. Hardware does not like move and unforeseen challenges can happen down the road. 
  • A professional risk assessment. You want to protect your assets appropriately, especially the more valuable or fragile of your equipment.
  • Location planning for hardware setup. Knowing where things will go means knowing the amount and type of cabling you will need. It also means ensuring the correct power and network fit-outs, electrical sockets and connectors. You might also need to consider new furniture or extra ventilation to support specific communication racks or upgraded equipment. We can help with your floorplan.

Step 3 – Dismantle

Some technology and hardware might need extra care and we are here for you. We also document all your equipment and provide safe solutions to make sure your machines are safely disconnected and are ready to be packed and taken by your removalist.

Step 4 – Assemble and Connect

We are technical experts and can connect your hardware correctly to ensure a longer life. 

With our pre-emptive and extensive planning, the installation takes minimum time as all location of PC desktops, printers, communications rack, data towers have been organised, power distribution planes and cabling appropriately acquired. 

We connect all of your hardware and systems, including router, smart printing and other such smart technology, so your company has minimum downtime.

Step 5 – Testing stage

We would never leave you with problematic IT. Once you are installed, we will run a system diagnostic to test of all your hardware thoroughly. 

We make sure you are at an optimum level to do what you do best. If your internet speed is not on par we can provide you with solutions. If you have any questions or worries, you can rely on us to provide you with answers and solutions.

Step 6 – IT support

Having reliable experts at your side will lessen any risks during your move and make sure you can keep working with minimum disruption. 

We will plan for you and look after all the digital and technical aspect of your relocation for greater peace of mind, security or hardware, data protection and efficiency. 

If required, we can provide affordable IT support in the long run and added advice for future upgrading of your technology.


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