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Cybersecurity Strategy

The team at Boost IT can help you set up and manage your centres, ensuring that your business is safe from any security or compliance threats.

Secure your data

With Microsoft 365 Security Centre and the Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre, we can proactively secure your business with continuous improvements.

The two centres combine Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security with Azure capabilities. Both centres give you insights and alerts, which allow you to understand your security risks and strengthen your systems. Prevent any future threats.

The team at Boost IT can set up and manage your centres, ensuring that your company is safe from any security or compliance threats. Receive the very best business IT support you could want.

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Why choose Boost IT to manage your cybersecurity?

Managing cybersecurity is more challenging than ever and needs an expert eye monitoring the situation to be truly effective and reactive. With greater possibilities to work remotely through unsecured wi-fi networks with mobile devices, a company must protect itself on the cloud. Any weak points need to be acted upon and reinforced immediately. And this is what Boost IT can do for you. 

With best practice and experience, Boost IT protects your sensitive data and system.

More questions?

Small business owners might not feel like they are much at risk, but 90% of cyber breaches affect small businesses

 While it’s becoming evident that it is necessary to have an online presence and that safety measures are a must, it’s also true that managing cyber risks has never been more challenging.

There are more and more skills required in setting an effective system and keeping it up to date. Almost every year, new technology is developed, some acquisitions need considering and new regulations are passed. It is a constantly changing environment.

Boost IT technicians are small business cybersecurity specialists. We have over 17 years of experience and continuously update our knowledge. We would love to offer you our expertise.

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.

Every year, small businesses are the main targets of cyber attacks and in Australia alone lose $300M. More worrisome, 60% of small businesses do not survive getting hacked and have to close down within six months.

Not only can a cyber threat be costly to an SMB, but you also have to survive a diminished reputation.

Since 2018, all businesses have to inform the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and any individuals that the cyber breach may harm. Small Businesses’ reputation and financial safety are on the line.

Investing in staying safe seems the better bet when the risks are increasing every year. 

Following the essential 8 mitigation strategy recommended by the government is the best way to protect your business.

With an audit, you can evaluate your risks and find compliance solutions. 

Not every business is at the same level, nor do they need to be. 

As your business grows, you need to be aware of your changing needs and increasing risks. Boost IT is the perfect company to implement the first cybersecurity measures and guide you to peak cyber threat protection.

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This is where Boost IT can help you.

We will evaluate your business with you to know where you are at in your current security effort and offer the proper solutions for your business. It is vital to remember that cybersecurity is a continuous process. New technology keeps on increasing the scope of the security effort. Software is constantly updated, and attacks on your system might change focus over time.

To be effective, a cybersecurity strategy has to be monitored, managed, reported and updated.

Cybersecurity risk management consists of defining the steps and conducting assessments that will lead to your business being safe from cyber threats.

 Our process is a simple 4 step process to:

  1. Identify your assets
  2. Identify the threats to and weaknesses of those assets
  3. Determine the likelihood of a breach or attack
  4. Offer a solution to deploy over time, covering the most pressing need until you reach complete data and information protection as recommended by the essential 8. 

We recommend using Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365, which offer the most significant security coverage. Two specific apps provide critical infrastructure protection:

Microsoft 365 Security Centre:

Microsoft 365 Security Centre enables you full access Microsoft’s security management for your small business, giving you visibility and control over any past, current, or future security threats.

Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre:

Perform risk assessments and enhance your compliance and privacy controls using Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre. The centre allows you to protect and govern your data using sensitivity and retention labels, monitor your employee’s non-compliant behaviours, and access compliance and privacy solutions.

Boost your cyber security strategy

Talk to us about how to significantly avoid or reduce the impact of cyber security incidents.​ Experience our local service delivered with care and generosity.

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Boost your cyber security strategy

Talk to us about how to significantly avoid or reduce the impact of cyber security incidents.​ Experience our local service delivered with care and generosity.

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