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Text Message and SMS Marketing Campaign

Need help setting up an SMS marketing strategy? We can help you with your text message advertising and send it out for you.

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We do all the technical parts for you


We will need two simple things from you: The contact list you want to send the messages too, and the message you want to send out.


We’ll pick up any spelling or grammatical issues with your message. We’ll ensure your text is clear, concise and can recommend some personalisation for greater effectiveness.

set up and send out

We’ll send out your message at the time you choose. We can organise a training session for you to do it in the future, or we can set up a calendar and schedule SMS campaigns to go throughout the year.

delivering great value

Sit back as your customers receive their personalised message and click it open. Enjoy the benefits of a direct line of communication with your contacts reminding them of the benefits of your brand and products!

Cut through the noise: Engage your buyers directly

Bulk text messaging marketing is an underutilised advertising channel. But with the ever-changing digital world and the competitiveness of the online landscape, it might be the perfect supporting tactic for your small business.Text messaging campaigns are easy to write and send out. They reach all your contacts right in their pockets without feeling intrusive. SMS advertising is a tried and tested method of communicating with buyers. They offer speed, convenience and boast a very high open-rate. We can help you craft, set up and send them out.The key to a successful SMS campaign is to make sure you have your customer’s consent before using their information. While privacy laws might make it harder to get a buyer’s phone number, it assures you that they are interested in keeping up-to-date with your business. That means they will not perceive your messages as undesirable, quite the contrary. Using best practice to acquire leads and sending sparse personalised and relevant messages can prove very effective. Some of the most successful texting campaigns are:

  • Flash sales
  • Promotional deals and discounts
  • News alerts & notifications
  • Text-to-win competitions
  • Loyalty programs

We can send texts to any of your Australian contact lists, opening you up to an effective marketing channel. Open up your touchpoint branding recognition and give yourself greater chances with this untapped marketing tool.

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Get the best website for your business.

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