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Software Upgrades and Maintenance

Add functionality and keep your website secure by regularly updating software. We help you find the best solutions for your website, upgrade and maintain it.


Get the expert Web Developers looking after your safety

For a secure website, we recommend off-site backups, security checks, software upgrades (includes PHP / WordPress / theme / plugins) and usability testing scheduled quarterly at least. A healthy web maintenance, means keeping dangerous weaknesses at their minimum and threats at bay.

The digital world is fast moving and keeping up to date is the only way to preserve the integrity of your site. We can propose a number of customised website maintenance services plans in function of your operating system needs. Our action plan include:

  • Regularly assess plugins. Do you need them? Are they being regularly maintained by the developer?
  • Regularly update all website software, including WordPress, plugins, and the theme. Don’t forget to update PHP (carefully) as well.
  • Remove any unused plugins and themes to reduce maintenance overheads (and speed up your website).
  • Have a regular backup plan that includes storing a copy of your website files and database somewhere else, additional to storage on your web hosting server.
  • Add fine-tuning website security plugins, like Wordfence.
  • Ensure that your website has a valid SSL certificate, a padlock in the address bar of your browser, and your website address starts with “https” rather than “http”.
  • Add Google ReCAPTCHA to your contact forms—it’s a free service that makes it difficult for bots to fill out your forms.
  • Use Cloudflare to make it more resource intensive and costly for perpetrators to deploy bad bots.

We can also help by adding new functionalities to your site from search pages to survey tools and analytics.

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Software Upgrades and Maintenance


Keep your website safe with maintenance.

We are the web developer experts.


Keep your website safe with maintenance.

We are the web developer experts.

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