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Ecommerce web creation

We can design visually appealing websites that are user friendly to attract and keep new leads.


The difference is usability and effectiveness

It relocation efficiency

fast loading & hosting

A fast website keeps its users. With less bounce rate and greater user-friendliness comes more sells and higher search engine ranking. We can turn your site into a light-speed marvel.

SEO optimised

With clean coding, lean plugin options, and integrated features for easy SEO title and meta data optimisation, our sites are search engine friendly for greater organic traffic.

ease of use

You and your e-commerce will spend a lot of time together. We make sure your backend management system is intuitive & simple to use, and host all the training sessions you need.


WordPress and WooCommerce offer unmatched possibilities. Get your preferred stock management system, analytical tools & marketing features integrated to your site for perfect customisation.

Get the e-shop that sells

We will design your website for visual appeal, user-friendliness, optimise it for search engines and create an ideal journey leading your customer from the cart to the buy button.

A well-programmed, fast loading, ecommerce website is essential for any brand intent on sells. We are WordPress specialists and will create a beautiful site that works for people and search engines. Your online presence is in good hands.

Boost IT has over 17 years of experience and designs with user conversion in mind. Using years of digital marketing knowledge to highlight brands, we have learned consumer psychology navigating the online sphere and can recommend you the tools you need for your special trade.

We create clear visual journeys for your visitors, with high-quality stock images and messaging reinforcing their trust for your brand. Gently, we help you lead your buyers with efficient call to actions buttons.

We know the stakes. Conversion is key, and with an optimised, fast-loading website you increase your chances immensely. This we can offer this, and more.

We can easily integrate your favourite tools from accounting software, third-party inventory management systems, CRM platform, or any other plugin and specially developed services. Even better, we make sure you are secure from cyber-threats and any software weaknesses. We create with the future in mind and make scalable, easy to use websites.

All our work include training sessions and documents for you to keep growing your site internally without being dependent on us. We can also maintain and host your site for optimum security and continuous optimisation as technology evolves.

Be the e-commerce you always dreamed of.

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Get the website that will make you grow.

A well designed site will connect you to your ideal clients.

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Get the website that will make you grow.

A well designed site will connect you to your ideal clients.

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