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Keyword audit and research report

Increase organic traffic, ads efficiency and search engine ranking using industry leading keyword reports to base your strategy on. 


We help you build your keyword list

Get an actionable keyword list

We provide you with a comprehensive keyword list of your chosen subject, with current data on number of searches and competitiveness online. 

find trending industry topics

Some subjects are growing in popularity, we help you pinpoint trending topics for your next articles.

competitor keyword gap

What are your competitor doing right, and what can you learn form them? We pick out the keywords they use and rank high in.

improve your SEO rank

Sit back and let us improve your search engine ranking by integrating keywords in your SEO title, meta description and photo names.

Find the keywords you need to use to be found in search engines

Search engines get more sophisticated year after year with algorithms made to decipher what people truly intend with their queries. Using the right keywords in your website, on each of your service and product pages and each article you publish, ensures you get found online

Keywords, in the digital marketing world, refers to what people are typing in search engines. It can be one simple word, or a whole phrase or question.

Using those questions as titles in your website is a sure way to get some notice. 

We help you find a wide range of keywords to use in your content, your picture names, your advertising, your SEO title and meta descriptions as well as pick trending topics for your future articles. If you intend to obtain any organic traffic you have to work on obtaining the right phrases that will attract both AIs and your audience’s attention.

We have the newest and most performant technology at our disposal to help find the keywords in your industry which have large numbers of people searching for them, but with little competing content online. 

With the right effort, your content, crafted around carefully chosen keywords, will skyrocket you at the top ranking results on google. 

We can analyse what your competitors are doing, which words they are using, so you can emulate their strategy and improve on them to rank higher. We do specific subject keyword research reports, competitor keyword gap audits and targeted pre-article research for trending topics with recommended keyword lists and word length.

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We help you find the right keywords.

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