How to Contact Google My Business to Quickly Edit Your Business Information

Recently we had to change our business address. When instead of updating our existing business listing, Google My Business created a new one, it was time to figure out how to chat directly to Google. Fast.

Speak to Google My Business

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Are you stuck waiting weeks for a postcard to verify your business? Or do you just want to speak to someone about changing your business address?

The fastest way forward, in our experience, is to contact Google directly and speak to a Google My Business Specialist.

Here’s 5 Steps to Get on the Phone with Google in Less Than 60 Seconds:

Step 1: Open Google My Business Help using this link.

Step 2: Use the Contact Us button on the top right side.

Step 3: Choose Business Information & Edits

Step 3: Choose Business Information & Edits

Step 4: Select Edit Business Info

Step 4: Select Edit Business Info

Step 5: Click on Request callback or if you prefer, Request chat which will allow you to chat online.

how to request a callback-from Google My Business

That’s it! You should receive help straight away, even though it may take a few days to complete everything you need.

Google My Business location verified

Google staff communicated regularly through the process via phone call and email. Once our new Brisbane office address was verified, we received this Google My Business info pack in the mail.

Top Tips to Getting Your Google My Business Optimised

Moving forward, a 100% completed and optimised GMB listing will mean your business will appear more often in search results. Our guide to optimising your GMB listing will have your business in front of more people searching for your product/service.

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