A Guide to Get Your Google My Business Listing Optimised

Invest time into getting your Google My Business listing optimised. It will positively impact your local search marketing efforts and attract new leads. With huge changes this year, and more to follow, it is likely to grow massively in significance in 2021.

Optimising your Google My Business listing

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Why is Google My Business Important?

Treat your Google My Business listing like it’s your website, because it will make money for your business.

Your Google My Business (GMB) listing is often the primary source where people online find your office address, research local providers (by looking at your reviews versus your competitors, for example), or find your website link or contact number.

Google also uses the information in your GMB listing to put your business in front of people searching for your product/service. An optimised GMB listing, regularly updated with posts and accurate information means that your business will appear more often in search results. 

Here’s an example.

Megan is looking for a new accountant. Google, using location tracking, knows that Megan is in a suburb in Brisbane. Businesses within a short commute are displayed under a few that have paid for advertising on Google. The local results are displayed visually under a map with location markers, contact numbers, address and customer review ratings, so Megan can easily decide which one to approach first.

How GMB listings appear in local search results

Local search results in Google. How important are reviews to you when you are looking for a provider?

Google has made enormous changes (over 70 updates) to Google Maps and Google My Business since April 2018. They want people searching to be fully satisfied, so are making sure they stay on Google. They can control their experience if they stay on Google. As opposed to a local business’ website page which may take four seconds to load.

GMB optimised for local search

Optimise your listing by completing all available options. Keep returning to check as new features come out, and add/edit your listing routinely.

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Top Tips to Getting Your Google My Business Optimised

Moving forward, it’s important to:

  • Have all your business information up to date and complete on your listing, and make the information and message consistent with your website
  • Add the date of your business creation. It will display how long you have been in business on your GMB. If you have been in business for over 5 years this gives you greater authority in the eye of prospective clients
  • Add your product/service information
  • Add photos and video so curious online leads (whom 50 years ago would be peeking inside your shop window) can have a look at your location, your staff, and what your product/services look like
  • Encourage customer reviews, and respond to them promptly (within 24 hours). People value reviews more and more and will check them. A company that responds professionally even to criticism is more highly regarded. 
  • There is a chat option on GMB that can be activated for even faster customer communication. This can be very useful, but be carful to always answer in a timely manner if you are using it (within 12h is best)
  • Regularly (at least weekly) add a post with images or video on events, specials & service information. Keep these short, sharp and direct visitors to your website or to call you. Posts do not expire anymore. But an account that is kept alive has more weight in Google’s algorithm. So regularly adding new posts will give an online visitor an additional visual to understand what your business does. As well as increase your ranking in the Google search engine 

Showing Google that you are active in updating your online collateral, and helping their customers (people using Google for search), will likely mean your business listing will be put ahead of less trustworthy competitors who are not as active.

If you’d like to delegate access to your GMB listing to a marketing specialist or another member of staff, use this guide.

How to Contact Google My Business to Quickly Edit Your Business Information

If you need help editing your listing information or verifying your address, an alternative to waiting weeks for a Google postcard to arrive is to speak to them over the phone. To verify your address, they may ask you to take a photo of branded signage at the street address. Use our guide to get simple directions to contact Google within one minute.

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