Google Versus Facebook Advertising—Where to Invest in 2019

There are three big opportunities for search and social advertising. Which shoe should your business slide it’s marketing budget into? This guide will help you decide.

Billions of searches happen every single day on Google. Does that mean search advertising (using Google Ads) is the correct hole to bury all your seeds you can buy with your small business’s marketing budget?

Search advertising means paying for ads that will appear when someone searches for specific keywords in Google.

A scenario for you. “Justin” gets home and his key breaks off in the door lock. Does he jump on Facebook and hope that while scrolling down his News feed, a local locksmith ad will appear? Nope. Justin squeezes his Pixel smart phone to launch Google Assistant and uses voice search to find a provider in the area to help him after hours. In this case, search advertising wins hands down over social.

There are three core value props for Google search advertising:

Effectively using search ads means you will have to create “a journey for demand fulfilment” when a person is leaning in with intent to buy.

So why dive into Facebook ads when Google has so many shiny, powerful trinkets to invest in?

Plan on customers not having a linear path to you. Yes, they may land on your website from a Google search. But they likely will not buy straight away. They will browse, research competitors and watch cat videos on the way.

Your 2019 small business marketing strategy: Search + Social.

Your marketing budget has to be split into multiple buckets. Facebook and Google paid advertising with a different audience strategy for each.

Stay top of mind. Go get ’em.

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