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Email newsletters are a top driver of sales. Don’t know where to start? We can produce one or create a template for you.


We do all the technical part for you


template design

We will create a beautiful template for your newsletter with modern colours, style and a selection of relevant pictures from an extensive stock image database.

review and edit

We’ll pick up any spelling or grammatical issues with your message. We’ll ensure your text is clear, concise and can recommend some personalisation for greater effectiveness.

set up and send out

We’ll send out your message at the time you choose. We can organise a training session for you to do it in the future, or we can schedule email campaigns to go throughout the year.

email marketing campaign set up

delivering value

Sit back as your customers receive their personalised message. Enjoy the benefits of a direct line of communication with your contacts reminding them of the benefits of your brand and products!

Use emails to drive sells and create brand recognition

Are you looking for an electronic direct mail (EDM) strategy that converts? Boost IT can help you. 

Email marketing is one of the best online tools to drive sales. People still trust their emails. While no one enjoys spam, when people select your brand to follow on social media or trust your business with their email addresses, they are very much interested in what you are doing and what you are selling. They are open to your brand and offers. Ignoring them would be a shame, and your best interest is to keep the communication with them going.

If you are active on social media, use blog posting and online advertising, do not forget this effective marketing channel. The number of created email accounts grows every year. While you might be doing well currently on Instagram and LinkedIn and Facebook, algorithms are changing all the time. It is always better to use several varying channels to talk to your prospects

E-newsletters not only address your customers directly, enabling you to communicate with no filter, with complete control over your content, but they are also often transferred. Your subscribers become your best advocates sharing news by your brand to their own contact they believe could be interested. The emails we have found particularly effective are:

  • Welcome and brand story emails
  • Special offer and promotion or giveaway emails
  • Newsletters about the industry with actionable advice
  • Lead nurturing emails
  • Re-engagement emails for customers that have bought from you before

We can help you with the entire layout, images, call to action buttons, links, personalise your emails and write your subject lines. We will send your e-newsletters to your provided contact lists and set up scheduled messaging. We can automate emails for a smoother process and teach you how to do it yourself step-by-step. 

We can also provide you with the analytics to know which campaign worked best and learn how to improve. Newsletters and marketing emails are the perfect tools to reinforce your online presence and give a professional image of yourself to your customers. 

We make your email marketing strategy easy, provide guidance and beautiful templates to increase your chances of keeping your customers interested and reading.

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Electronic Direct Mail email marketing

Email marketing made easy.

Find out why we have decades-long relationships with many of our clients. 

We can create a template to suit your brand.


Email marketing made easy.

Find out why we have decades-long relationships with many of our clients. 

We can create a template to suit your brand.

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