2019 Tech Trends for Australian Manufacturers

If you have an Australian manufacturing business, Robotics can reduce the integration time between design and custom manufacturing.

Zero lights and zero video crew. Another small business on a budget. Sha Nayagar, outside the Advanced Engineering Building, University of Queensland on May 17th, 2019.

Partner with Australian university/research organisations to develop new products, processes and innovative business models. Expertise and funding are available to Australian start-ups, small, medium, large and multinational companies across a range of sectors including Manufacturing, Medical Technologies and Pharmaceutical, Building and Construction, Mining and Defence.


Contact Details

If you’re interested learning how you can utilise expertise from our universities, here are some contacts already working in design for custom manufacturing. 

Dr Muge Teixeira (QUT) : muge.teixeira@qut.edu.au | 07 3138 4263

Dr Frederico Teixeira (UQ) : f.frederico@uq.edu.au





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